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A sampling of completed work


The Gibson Guitar 

I was given this Gibson acoustic guitar by someone important to me to create something on it with resin. It was to be a keepsake, and the giver of the guitar gave no instructions or wishes as to how the guitar would come out. I ended up using Art'N'Glow resin and glow-in-the-dark pigments to get an explosion of color with a glasslike finish. It took a lot of sanding and taping and pouring. It was important to keep resin off of some parts of the guitar, and I was able to achieve the finished look I wanted. And, the guitar still holds a tune. It remains to be one of my favorite pieces, and one of my favorite to create.  

The Wave Tray

This gorgeous Tiffany blue tray was one of my endless attempts at creating texture and movement in my "waves" of resin. Resin was still relatively new then and there were no tutorials on different types of resin art. I experimented with countless forms of media to create depth and realness in my waves. I finally achieved the look I wanted with plastc cling wrap and aluminum foil. 

IMG_5780 (1).jpg


One of my geode wall hangings. Geodes usually come into my head randomly, and that is when I create them. I enjoy all the different elements that go into a geode painting, my favorite being sparkle!


My favorite type of resin art, and the type of art that got me started with my own shop. I will put a resin ocean on anything you put in front of me. If resin will stick to it, I will give it wavy upgrade! I love the colors...the shapes...the feelings they evoke...I think oceans will always be dear to my artist heart.

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